I’ve cheap jerseys come cheap mlb jerseys to cheap jerseys realize Aug that ldquo normal Neuer people really don’t care about technology. Unless that person is a geek, they use it without any thought of how things actually work. Its frustrating getting normal people’s perspective on the tech world. On the flip side, I don’t know how a car really works. I know there is an engine and wheels, but how does it really work?

I bring this topic up because the other night, I tried explaining to my girlfriend how encryption works at a very high level of abstraction. Now I’m not an encryption expert, but I know enough without getting into the fine details. Her eyes glazed over and after a bit of a one way conversation she smiled and told me that I should mentor someone. Meh.

The issue is that like minded people who enjoy technology are like minded. The same way car enthusiasts enjoy talking about the same thing. Sometimes I like hearing someone else’s perspective to see how they see it. A fresh view of a topic is always nice. One day, un-like minded people will come together and converge on something great.