Anti Nether Roof Added

We now have an anti nether roof plugin. This prevents blocks from being placed on the roof and will safely teleport you to a lower y level if you end up on the roof.

Lag Machines

Seems like I need to make this announcement, if you lag the server in a severe way I will punish you. The more you try to lag the server the worse the punishments get. This can end in a ban. I hope most of you choose not to.

Temp Map Online

The server will be on a temp map until the server files are transferred to a new host. You can play on the temp map with the IP of

The website now has support for announcements!

Hey, new update for the website! The website now has support for announcements so I will leave announcements here as well as in the Discord. (I might make the bot send announcements here straight to the Discord, we'll see) Keep an eye out for more updates!